In the first place, Ménage Total offers comprehensive air duct cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Not to mention, tell us the size of the home, office and other relevant information.  Moreover, we can give a free quote for air duct cleaning.

Not only but also, we remove dirt, debris, and cobwebs that have built up in the air ducts. Moreover, to improve and clear the air quality and prevent potential hazards overall.

Why Menage Total Air Duct Cleaning Service

In fact, in recent years many people have had their home air conditioning systems and ductwork cleaned. Not to mention, Ménage Total Duct cleaning can help to reduce the level of dust within a home.  It can help increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and diminish the risks of air pollution after all.

  • Not only but also, Ménage Total makes sure to use “source removal” cleaning methods designed to take out the debris within the air conditioning system.
  • Ménage Total is referred by the valuable customers and they benefit from the cleaning services. and be assured we value our customers and provide them with 100% satisfaction and the air-conditioning system works great after our air duct cleaning services.
  • It is a member in good standing of the local Business Bureau in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.
  • We use the chemical in the cleaning process that is registered and certified.
  •  In fact, Ménage Total Air duct cleaning services perform the cleaning service in accordance with all the provisions of the industry standard.

Ménage Total ensures that the facility receives a thorough and professional air duct cleaning service.


Why Duct Cleaning?

You can have the air ducts of your home and office cleaning. Because it is obvious that air ducts will get dirty with dust and debris over time.  It is important to have an air duct cleaning service by the professional cleaning company.

There is a growth of dust and mold inside the ducts of your cooling and heating system.

If the home has an insulated air duct and the insulation has got mold. It has become wet then it is of utmost importance that the insulation is removed. It is replaced to not affect the cooling and heating system.

If there is a condition in the ducts of the home and office.  That is causing the mold, dust and debris to grow.  If it is not corrected at the earliest then the mold will return back and happen again

Ducts are clogged with insects and rodents. Ducts are blocked with excessive amounts of dust and debris and the particles are released into the home and office through the cooling or heating system.


Menage Total Air Duct Cleaning Process

Once Ménage Total professional cleaning service staff arrives on the scene, the trained Ménage Total professionals utilize powerfully, equipment to clear the air ducts of dust, debris, and grime. Ménage Total powerful air duct cleaning equipment vacuums out years of dust from your air ducts, leaving them clean and clear.

Finally, when finished, our technicians will remove all equipment and make sure that your ducts and HVAC unit is perfectly restored to the best condition.

Menage Total Air Filter

Ménage Total provides special Air Filters that clean the air in your home and help your HVAC system work more efficiently. Not to mention, Ménage Total offers the following filter in the area of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil upon the customer request.

Permanent filter:  It is made from durable materials and features an electrostatic charge that assists its filtering. It can easily be removed for cleaning each month and has a lifetime warranty. Custom sizes are available!

Ménage Total Cleaning service has an excellent feature to take care of your entire ventilation and heating system.  Not only but also, many companies just limit the ventilation and heating cleaning services to air duct cleaning.  In fact, which is sometimes good enough to take down the dirt and dust that is building up.  In improving the lifestyle and living. Ménage Total provides you with air duct cleaning as well as your HVAC unit cleaning.


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