Cleaning Bath Toys and Prevent Mold

Cleaning Bath Toys and Prevent Mold

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A simple thing how cleaning bath toys and prevent mold matters? When the kids take a bath, the first thing they do is grab the toys to play and put them in the mouth. In the first place, you might not realize the problem. But when they fall sick squeezing the doll, you see the Mold in the toy.


Why is Mold dangerous?


Mold can cause a lot of health problems such as respiratory and allergies to the kids. The Mold affects people of all ages but can create a significant challenge to the children with the weak immune system. If you see a bath toy with Mold, it’s time to get rid of it.

Here are some ideas cleaning bath toys and prevent Mold and make sure the bathtub and the toys are clean.


Plugging the Holes


Many toys for the kids that go in the bath have a hole in the center where Mold can grow. Place hot glue on the toy before taking them in the bathroom and in this way you will create a protective seal in the toy to prevent Mold from growing.


Boiling Toys


If you were so busy and didn’t get the deal done for the children toys. To make sure that the kids are safe, to play with the toys, boil in hot water and clean it properly. Let it cool and dry before the kids can have fun.


Using the Bleach


Soak the toys in the bleach overnight. In the morning, rinse the toys several times and allow it to dry. The bleach will evaporate, and you will have a nice and clean toy.


Approach of Vinegar


Another method of cleaning bath toys and prevent Mold is to use vinegar. If you don’t like the bleach solution mix vinegar with water and soak the toys for about an hour. I’ve them a gentle scrub and remove the Mold and let it dry. If the smell of the vinegar is hard, rinse it again and then back in the toy store.


Dishwasher Try up


Cleaning the bath toys in the dishwasher is another solution to sanitize, disinfect and killing the Mold growing inside and outside. It gets the job quickly done and adequately without much effort. 


Proper Storage


To take care of the toys and prevent the Mold from creating havoc, create appropriate storage for the kid’s toys. Consider having a rack that will help in water draining from the toys. Keep it near the open window for ventilation, or you can use fans to dispense leftover steam. Remember dry toys will help Mold from growing. 


Now if you want cleaning bath toys and prevent mold. To take care of the health and have a beautifully clean bathroom free from the Mold and grime. So call us on (514) 654 4988 for the best cleaning. We have been serving the community of Montreal and providing a housecleaning service for better health.

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