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Menage Total Commercial cleaning Montreal connects strategy, experience, and customer care to implement effective solutions that support your strategic objectives.

Founded in 2010 in Laval, Menage Total Commercial cleaning Montreal has expanded to provide services across Quebec – from Laval to Longueuil, West Island to Montreal and every point in between. So their client base is just as diverse: from the public to Private to Retail, Educational, Hospitals, and Industrial. For each customer. So menage Total provides customized programs based on best techniques, adapted to meet specific needs. Therefore menage Total management and cleaning staff team members are knowledgeable, progressive, and skilled at their tasks. They deliver quality and client service, seven days a week.


They think about defending your work practices, items, and individuals. Our SOP lessens the changes that can prompt expanded dangers. Commercial cleaning Montreal cleaning forms trap contaminants before they enter your workspace. Division of exercises anticipates cross-sullying between workspaces.

So all work is directed by security-cleared staff under the strategies and gauges of our Health and Safety Program. Therefore security checks will guarantee our work agrees with all wellbeing necessities.


  • Safe work processes that protect your cleaning investment
  • Client-focused account team manages all services, freeing you to focus on your core business
  • Professionally-trained staff, delivering consistent services


  • Commercial cleaning Montreal Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Production/Factory Floor Cleaning
  • Waste & Recycling Management
  • Inventory & Materials Management

What We Do

  • High-quality, performance-based, janitorial services
  • Full-spectrum janitorial services – from routine to restorative
  • Sustainable operations: Green Cleaning Program
  • Verified safe work practices: accredited Health & Safety Program

How We Do It

  • Understanding your business challenges
  • Creating programs focused on the results that matter to you
  • Pro-active and responsive account management
  • Frequent site inspections by our Cleaning Managers
  • Training programs that create a professional workforce
  • Documented compliance with all cleaning contract needs
  • Building a strong client partnership, based on a shared vision of success


Imagine a scenario in which you had an administration accomplice that thought about cleaning as much as you did about patient care. SO that comprehended that cleaning in a human services condition is basic – that it can’t simply look clean, it must be spotless? That had the specific conventions and prepared staff set up to keep up your restorative site in ideal condition?

That is Commercial cleaning Montreal Services. Our janitorial benefit program for therapeutic offices will make a spotless, alluring space that causes you to advance well-being and prosperity.


Therapeutic situations have their own particular one of kind difficulties. You require a professional that is as talented and master as the administrations offered in your office. For instance, we realize that the substantial pedestrian activity at restorative locales can expand wear and tear on floors and entranceways – the very places that will set the early introduction for new patients.

Menage Total Commercial cleaning Montreal has the suitable work designs, and checked staff preparing, expected to keep up these regions – and whatever remains of your office – in prime condition. So patients, specialists, and staff will be invited by a spotless, alluring condition that will help rouse certainty.


At therapeutic offices, we can’t stop at clean. We need to ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of all building tenants. You can rest guaranteed that our purification and touchpoint sterilization projects will help. Because we concentrate our services on where they matter: high-movement, unmistakable, touchpoints, washrooms, entranceways.

Our cleaning forms disengage cleaning hones by benefit region, averting cross-pollution. Therefore we utilize effective devices that catch and contain particulates and undesirable issue and keep them from being followed into different territories. So we utilize cleaning chemicals that are ensured and checked powerful.


So we approve our services through triple reviews – individuals, forms, execution. self-evaluate staff work execution to guarantee consistency with your, our, and authoritative prerequisites. Therefore we audit our procedures to guarantee they are good with the prerequisites of your office.

Menage Total review our work to guarantee it is accomplishing wanted results. So our Managers lead these reviews, utilizing innovation to help and archive visual investigations. Therefore we utilize benefit information, caught in our service apparatus, to affirm consistency and to drive process and quality enhancements.

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