Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal

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If you are running a hotel, restaurant, or food supply business you need a neat, clean and sanitized kitchen. You should keep it dust free, dirt free, and germs protected. Cleanliness is a key to increase the quality of your products. Kitchen cleanliness is one of the effective factors in such businesses. If you want to keep your kitchen clean. You should let the Menage Total know about it. Menage total is the best cleaning company that provides you Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal. We provide you these services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal include these tasks;

Menage total performs these tasks in Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Montreal;

Countertops and stovetops cleaning

There are a lot of jobs your chefs perform on countertops. They cut the veggies, cut the meat, and put ingredients on it. All of these tasks create spots on it. Menage total deals with these issues very efficiently.

We clean;

  • All the dust from the surface of the countertops
  • If there are any spots we clean them
  • We remove the stubborn and hard stains of liquid from it
  • We clean the rust spots from the stovetops.
  • Our cleaning staff cleans the stainless steel and bring its shine back

Appliances and equipment cleaning

There are a number of appliances you use in your kitchen. You may have many types of equipment there. All these equipment and appliances need cleaning services. Menage total cleans these appliances and equipment;

  • We clean the oven remove all the spots and stains from it.
  • Clean the fryer and remove the oil spots from it.
  • Our cleaning staff cleans the refrigerator thoroughly.
  • We clean the area from behind the refrigerator.

Air duct cleaning

There is an air duct in every kitchen that needs cleaning services on a weekly or monthly basis. Menage Total cleans the air duct thoroughly;

  • Our cleaning staff cleans the walls of the air duct.
  • They remove the loose dirt from the walls of it.
  • We clean the vents of it.

Ceiling, Walls and Floor cleaning

These portions need cleaning services crucially. Menage total cleans these portions thoroughly and completely.

  • Our cleaning staff cleans the cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling.
  • They do a detailed dusting off the ceiling.
  • Our staff cleans the walls and remove all the dust from it.
  • Our cleaning staff cleans the floor and wash it to remove all the dirt, dust, and germs from it.
Professional Cleaning Services Montreal
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Professional Cleaning Services Montreal
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Menage Total providing cleaning services to our clients. It’s the best Cleaning Company in Canada. It is operationally in working in major cities like Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil and other parts of the country as well. You can simply contact us to get our cleaning service.

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