Couches Cleaning Tricks Laval and Longueuil

Couches Cleaning Tricks Laval and Longueuil

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If you have microfiber couches, you can’t let your children take their sippy cups on it. After a few months later you find stains and spills marks there. However, it doesn’t mean you lose your hope. Choose the right tool for couches cleaning chores. If you want to do this cleaning yourself you should get in touch with the Menage Total. We tell you some easier ways and Couches Cleaning Tricks Laval and Longueuil. These tips will help you a lot in couches cleaning. You will professionally clean them.

Couches Cleaning Tricks Laval and Longueuil include these steps. You can clean your couches with the help of these steps;

  • Vacuum
  • Spray with mixture
  • Clean heavily soiled areas
  • Clean with sponge or towel cloth
  • Remove residue
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning

You can get neat, clean, and spotless couches if you clean them according to this working sequence;


In the first priority, vacuum your entire couch. Give it a nice vacuuming, trying to remove as much the dirt and grime as you can before getting to the deep cleaning.

Spray with Mixture

Fill your spray bottle with a vinegar solution or you can pour rubbing alcohol in it. You should use the mixture after considering the sensitivity of fabrics. You should start with the arms of the couches since these are some of the dirtiest areas.

Clean Heavily Soiled Areas

After then grab a bristles brush, Softly scrub the area in a constant circular motion. You are trying to loosen up any dirt or grime that is embedded into the fabric rather than hurt the material. It is a long lasting asset if there are less soiled areas you can skip this step.

Clean with Sponge or Towel Cloth

Once you have loosened up the dirt in an area, You will want to take the dry sponge or towel and gently rub that area. You will see that the sponge will absorb the dirt.

Remove Residue

You may have a vinegar solution if you want to rinse or vacuum up any remaining residue. You can clean this residue using a vinegar solution.

Steam Cleaning

You can get steam cleaning as well. You can get the upholstery of the couches clean. Use steam cleaning and an appropriate water-based upholstery to clean your couch.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes the entire couch doesn’t need cleaning services. There are some spots on it. You can get spot cleaning services only. Or you can clean only those spots.

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