Eco-Friendly ways to Clean Home

Eco-Friendly ways to clean the Home

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The weather is changing now and most of us have started cleaning and refreshing their homes. Some of us might have complete apartment cleaning because of the end of the tenancy contract. You should know there are eco-friendly ways to clean the home and look fresh again.

There are many dangerous cleaning products we use. Some are harmful to the skin even. Eco-friendly ways to clean the home can save you money and prevent the diseases and allergy to happen.

In this article today, Ménage total cleaning services shall discuss how the eco-friendly ways to clean can help to make your life easy.

Get Rid of the Mold

Everyone faces the mold issue when it is hot and humid. The mold in the shower can quickly be removed with the usage of a vinegar and water mix solution. Apply it on the shower and leave it to stay for 1 hour. Then wipe and clean it off. You should do it as soon as you see it and it can spread faster and harder to remove.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning is a must as it attracts a lot of dust particles. Washing the curtains can make them age quickly and look old. The curtain washed with a small amount of washing liquid or a vinegar liquid if they are extremely dirty. Don’t use any softener while washing the curtains. To be sure that your curtains are perfectly clean using the eco-friendly cleaning method rinse it twice.

Dry Cleaning the Carpet

Another eco-friendly product that is useful for carpet cleaning is the baking soda. First of all, you need to vacuum the carpet. Sprinkle baking soda and use the hands to make sure the carpet is covered. Leave it overnight and in the morning vacuum it again. You will be surprised to see the carpet is refreshed and the baking soda has removed all the smells making it fresh and pleasant looking.

 Window Cleaning

Using a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the windows is the fastest and effective way. The vinegar will remove the grime and dust and your windows shall look nice and clean. If your windows are clean, you can use water and dry it up with a microfiber cloth and dry it with a newspaper.

 Oven Cleaning

 In order to clean the oven eco-friendly and the safest possible way once a week is to use warm water with baking soda or white vinegar and lemon. It is the easiest way for oven cleaning and removes all the dirt and sticky things in the oven making it a fresh clean.

Now as you can see there are simple and safe eco-friendly products and methods that you can use effectively to clean the home without the use of harmful chemicals. Try move and clean your home the eco-friendly way for a healthier living.

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