End Lease Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil

End Lease Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil

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If you are looking forward to leaving your apartment and you want to make sure that you get the bond back when you m0ve out. Many people count on bond money to help in securing their next rental. You want to hand over the apartment to the landlord. You need an End Lease Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil. If you are in need of these cleaning services you should get in touch with the Ménage Total. We are offering you the best ever End Lease Cleaning Services Montreal. We provide you as new apartment as you move in it.

Menage Total performs these tasks in End Lease Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil;

  • Dusting services
  • Ceiling, walls, and floor cleaning
  • Disinfecting the bathroom
  • Detailed Kitchen Cleaning
  • Window, doors, and frames cleaning

We perform all of these tasks in providing our customers with the best ever End Lease Cleaning Services Laval and Longueuil;

Dusting Services

Our cleaning staff starts the cleaning work before completing the paperwork. They prepare a schedule for cleaning works. When they have completed the cleaning schedule they start from the dusting. They remove dust from the entire building. Remove dust spots and cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling. They clean the dust from the stainless steel fixture as well.

Ceiling, Walls, and Floor cleaning

We resolve all the cleaning issues and problems. There may be dust spots on the ceiling. There may be spots of dust and mold on the walls. You might face greasy spots and dust stains on your floor. Menage Total cleans all those spots and stains efficiently.

Disinfecting the Bathroom

Bathroom creates mess and smell. Our cleaning staff uses health-friendly ingredients and kills the smell, odor, and germs from the bathroom. We clean the sink, bathtub, showerhead, ceiling, walls, grout, floor, tiles, and commode. We ensure you a neat, clean, germs free, and odor free bathroom.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is one of those portions which appeal to the cleaning services very crucially. Menage Total cleans the mess from there. Our staff deals with the countertops cleaning, stovetops cleaning, remove the food crumbs, the liquid stains, and all the appliances you have there.

Windows, Doors, and Frames cleaning

Menage Total cleans out the windows clean the mirrors, frames, and window sills. We clean the entrance and doors. We clean the door frames as well. Remove the stuck dust on them scrub gently and make them shine.

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