High Pressure Water Jet Efficient Cleaning

In many areas of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, the efficient and effortless, Ménage Total environmentally friendly and gentle high-pressure cleaning services water jet process is used to clean and remove residues. The technique uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete cleaning and hard dirt removal.

In Short, Ménage Total offers a wide range of high-pressure cleaning plunger pumps, units, tools and accessories for this technology in the areas of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

The benefit of our Valuable Services

  • low maintenance cost and energy-efficient
  • reliable and friendly tools
  • low noise at the workplace
  • compliance with the latest technology standards
  • The high rate of removal of dirt in a short time
  • Different solutions for different process
  • Residue removal of all kinds
  • Good and efficient cleaning performance due to the high-pressure cleaning services by water
High Pressure Cleaning Service


In fact in Ménage Total Cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil, there are no limits to the uses of high pressure water blasting. It can be used in the streets, pavements and on walls for chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, facade renovation, for the restoration of historic buildings as well as. Ménage Total professional cleaning staff also uses it for the rust removal, paint stripping, and descaling of workpieces of various kinds.

Further areas of applying are tank cleaning, construction cleaning, system cleaning, and sewer cleaning. After all, Industries that mostly rely on the process of high-pressure cleaning services include the construction industry, metal industry, municipalities, shipyards, the oil and gas industry, and the aviation industry.

Main Advantages Of High-pressure Water Jetting:

  • Environmentally friendly  and water a common cleaning medium
  • No chemical product and harmful cleaning agent is necessary.
  • It can be used for places that are unreachable and for complex and hard structures.
  • Gentle and safe on the ground
  • Fast, effective customizable and efficient process
  • Minimal removal on the base material
  • No wear of the cleaning agent
  • Addition of protection of material for corrosion and to prevent rust.

Customized and Reliable High Pressure Cleaning Solutions

Reliable, customer-specific solutions are offered by Ménage Total Cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil for the best high-pressure cleaning service as well as. Ménage Total to also a system supplier of pump and high-pressure technology. Ménage Total offers a wide range of products and customized services for specific cleaning systems. Moreover, The services of Ménage Total range from small to large individually planned systems.

Benefits of customized solutions

Tailor and custom made system solutions
Individual-specific solutions
Safe use of products in the toughest conditions
Easy reliability and availability as well as
Professional advice and professional service
Environmental safe and friendly as well as
High energy efficient

High-Pressure Washing Services with a Unique Professionalism

What can we pressure wash?

In Short, Ménage Total can service almost any type of outdoor surfaces, located in domestic and commercial settings. Hard exterior, made from brick, concrete, granite, marble, metal, treated wood all pressure cleaned as well as.

Garden furniture, and frames

  • Decks, patios and entrances, and driveways.
  • Facades and Fences
  • Vehicles, caravans  and water tanks
  • Large commercial areas: outdoor facilities,

 What to expect from Ménage Total Pressure Cleaning?

Ménage Total pressure cleaning experts will arrive at the property on time and In fact firstly will determine the measurement of the area which needs a wash. The cost for cleaning items that cannot be quoted in this way is negotiated before starting the service

Menage Total Pressure Cleaning at a Glance

  • Eco-friendly The best cleaning environment method, which uses only water and high pressure as well as.
  • If you really want to make the outdoor look great use pressure cleaning with our other cleaning services.
  • Experience and attention to work. Ménage Total pressure cleaning technicians are qualified and experienced to handle the task of washing a wide range of surfaces as well as.


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