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For most of us in Montreal, hiring a cleaning company for cleaning the House in more eventful than having a full-time cleaner. The cleaning company comes at a convenient time to clean the house. Hire Ménage Total for a home clean and get a lot of benefits and discounts altogether on specialized cleaning. If you want to hire a cleaning company, you might want to know some advantages and how you can hire us as a cleaning company.

Experience and Professional 

If you don’t want to feel down, then it is best to go for a company with experience and professional cleaners. A company that has worked hard all these years to set up a name in the cleaning industry. Search around and check what people are saying about the cleaning companies you have narrowed down. Experience plays a vital role in determining that the company will handle different cleaning situations. Hiring a cleaning company can make handling difficult cleaning task more comfortable and the amount of time to house cleaning will be very less.

Best Pricing

It is not advisable to go for a lower price as some services don’t provide efficient cleaning. Compare our best pricing and quality of the cleaning to have the House the best cleaning job done in Montreal. A cleaning company that thrives in excellence by offering various cleaning solution daily, weekly and monthly at the best pricing. Not to mention we don’t compromise on the cleaning quality.

Cleaning Contracts for Hiring a Cleaning Company

Many cleaning companies in Montreal offer long term contracts for cleaning services. But not to worry with us we have both a contractual agreement and a no-contract service. We believe in the customer and want them to be 100% satisfied with our cleaning services. So it is possible now in Montreal to have a professional deep cleaning of the House, to professional window and floor cleaning with Ménage Total without any contract involved. We offer our services such as window cleaning service, apartment cleaning service that are cost-saving and comes in handy. For us cleaning a house is to make it in top shape and to remain clean and tidy for long with utmost customer satisfaction.

Insured and Bonded

Our cleaning company is insured and bonded. You can be sure of the safety of your valuables and important stuff in the House. In case of any medical injury, we have got you covered. All the cleaners at Ménage Total go through a careful streamline of checking. For the background for the safety of the customers. That is why hiring a cleaning company like us can bring you a lot of benefits in the first place.


With us, there is no risk involved in the cleaning process. You can feel safe and sound with our services. Also, we provide an environmentally friendly cleaning service for a healthier and secure environment. Call us today on (514) 654 4988 to hire our fantastic cleaning services for a deep house cleaning.

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