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How can I Clean my Apartment?

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House cleaning is not the most exciting to-do list. However, there are many reasons for cleaning the house is important and especially in the Clean my apartment.

You need a plan for cleaning up the apartment and you can get the job done easily and effectively.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the first place to get clean. Guests are going to want to use it during the stay. Be sure to remove any dirt from the tub, sink, and toilet. Spray the surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner and allow it to stay for a few minutes while you attend to other tasks.

Use the glass cleaner in wiping down and cleaning the mirror. After cleaning the rest of the apartment, you will see a lot of bathroom stains are removed making them easier to wipe up.

Next, clean and replace out toiletries, towels so that everything looks nice and neat. Be sure to close your shower curtain.

Be sure that the bathroom is the first and last place you visit during the cleaning process. If you have a small vacuum, you can use it to pick up any dust that is on the floor. This will make the bathroom look cleaner and it takes very little time.

The Bedroom

Making and cleaning the bed is an important priority. It is a simple cleaning process that makes your house look a lot neat and clean. Make sure to pick up clothes on the floor and keep them in a laundry basket.

The bedroom does not need a deep clean so the room will be ready in a few minutes of short cleaning job.

The Kitchen

The dirty dishes in the apartment are in the Kitchen, Finally, make sure that they are cleaned and put in in the dishwasher.  Clean my apartment dirty kitchen is an indicator of a mess. Clean the sink and clean up any trash and garbage in the bins.

Next, grab some disinfectant paper towels with an all-purpose spray and wipe down the counters on the kitchen table. This is especially important if you are cleaning the kitchen table picks up a lot of clutter, so make sure that everything is kept in proper order.

The Living Room

If you have guests, there is a chance that they will spend time in the living room. Be sure to remove any dirt and grime from the tea/coffee table and remove the trash. Give the floors a vacuum or sweeping and mopping with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe down cases, the entertainment centre, as there is a lot of dust in these areas

Keep in mind that the entrance to your apartment is a prime spot for dust and dirt. Keys, bags, shoes, and other items are found here.

Lastly, make the cleaning process effortless and fun as possible.


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