With improvement, innovation in the cleaning industry. Ménage Total comes in with a green cleaning solution in Blainville to protect the environment and to keep the community safe. We are a 100% green certification approved company in both the work and the product.

Every regular cleaning from us in Blainville include bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the living room. You are welcome to order more cleaning services as per the requirement. Moreover, we bring in the necessary cleaning supplies to perform the cleaning. If you require any particular cleaning service, give us a call to hire the cleaning professionals.

Why Menage Total Green Cleaning?

The primary thing from a customer point of view is green cleaning is safer than the harsh chemicals in washing. Just an example the kids are playing on the floor that is cleaned by harsh chemicals it can come in contact with the children.

Creating a negative effect on health. Moreover, our eco-friendly cleaning in the office can help the business to be more productive in work. Our traditional green cleaning service comes in on a daily and weekly packages. Switching to the green cleaning by Menage Total can boost the need for cleaning. The cleaning company only uses certified and tested products from the environment protection agency. Some of the benefits you can have with our green cleaning include:


  • The house and office are clean and healthy.
  • The air is clean, reducing the risk of chemical allergies. It makes space healthier and safe to stay.
  • It can help in reducing the toxins that can get mixed in the food or get in contact with humans.
  • We are improving the performance at home and the office.

Green cleaning is a move forward to have an eco-friendly cleaning. Ménage Total is just the cleaning service that can help in embracing the unique cleaning method.

Why Ménage Total?

The staff at the cleaning company is to meet your cleaning in Blainville. We use the latest technology and keep up to date with new advancements in cleaning. Our cleaners are very careful with the customer’s health and respect customer privacy.

Ménage Total provides training to the staff to work with dedication in cleaning services. Moreover, we bring in natural cleaners for the advantage of the clients rarely using the disinfectant. You can book and order our cleaning with a click of a button available on our website. Please don’t wait and hire us for a regular, standard and professional cleaning service of the house, office and building.