When it comes to a professional clean in Cote-St-luc for high expectation, Ménage Total is the professional cleaning service with 98% per cent of the community in Cote-St-luc recommending us for the house cleaning. Try us, and you can find out why thee customers believe in us and come back.

Revolutionary Cleaning System

We make the cleaning service personal and secure. First company in Cote-St-Luc that allows its customers to check the cleaning staff profile. The customers themselves provide these profiles. By having this, you can be sure of the cleaner experience, background and the available timing for the house cleaning. It ensures the customer remains safe and secure.

General House Cleaning

One of the vital cleaning services in Cote-St-luc is the General house cleaning from Ménage Total. We manage our house cleaners for a visit once a month for deep cleaning the house. They come clean space and leave you with a lovely clean home and a wonderful feeling and more time to spend with the family in your dream house.

Every cleaner at our company is very special to Ménage Total, and they work well to cover all the cleaning services. Our cleaners know the importance of a clean house, and they know what to clean in the home. Our maids and cleaners look forward to offering you a particular clean to the house to give it a subtle sparkle.

The general house cleaning from us offers excellent value for money and service, and it includes some of the below services:

  • Dusting the ceiling fans and the light fixtures
  • Removing the cobwebs from the walls and corners
  • Cleaning the blinds, curtains, windows, baseboards and lampshades
  • Wiping and dusting the pictures furniture and the refrigerator
  • Appliances cleaning
  • Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room cleaning
  • Floor mopping, sweeping and washing
  • Bedding organized and clean

Cote-St-Luc Cleaning Company

As a professional cleaning company in Cote-St-luc, we take pride in our cleaning work and provide the customers with an impressive cleaning service package. It will help you to experience the best cleaning service in town on daily, weekly, and monthly plans. At Ménage Total, we are always here to serve the customers. All the staff is well trained and has the experience for the cleaning.

Moreover, services are cost-effective and affordable. We promise you a professional clean of the house such as carpet cleaning, garden cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and bedroom cleaning, and deep cleaning of a bathroom. Call today and hire us by the comfort of your home online.