House Cleaning is not easy, whether single or married. Men have a habit of unclean home when it comes to housekeeping. The better news is we Menage Total has housecleaning in Mirabel that are easy and make the house clean and tidy.

A saying house cleaning creates an impression and presents you in general. Let us see some of the advantages of a clean and neat house.

  • You will find things more accessible.
  • The closets and the drawers arrange and organized.
  • Clean air and smell fresh
  • Healthier living free from germs and bacteria.
  • Time for family and friends.

In the first place, our cleaners in Mirabel work on a checklist and make a plan for cleaning n a daily basis. If you want to have the house clean, you have to follow the cleaning schedule. Gather the tools for cleaning and tackle the problem. For house cleaning from Ménage Total, we do these daily chores to ensure a spotless home.

Daily Cleaning

  • Before taking a shower make the bed in the morning.
  • Wipe down the sink and counter in the kitchen.
  • If you have breakfast, clean down the stove and the counters and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • After dinner in the evening, it is better to clean the dishes.

And for the cleaning not done on a daily routine, we can perform the weekly cleaning chores and make the house clean.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Scrub the toilet, clean the shower and sweep and mop the floor.
  • Mop, sweep and vacuum floors in the house cleaning the kitchen.
  • Clean the refrigerator and remove expired foods and old leftovers. Clean the microwave.
  • Window and mirror cleaning.
  • Dusting out and organizing the living room.
  • Laundry, folding the clothes.

This house cleaning schedule Mirabel from us can keep the house clean and you can go on adding more tasks. Housekeeping is not a difficult thing if you follow the routine. But the main thing is to keep the house into a reasonable clean.



You don't have to lose patience while we are going through cleaning the house. House cleaning seems hard, but after spraying the floor, let it sit on for some minutes before a scrub.

An excellent approach to clean is to set it as competing for the task. When we as a cleaning perfectionist approach cleaning as a challenge, it will be done quickly and efficiently. Soon we get you faster and best cleaning results.

Try to hire us and get us into a daily cleaning routine, and say bye to the dirty stuff.

If you need a cleaning hand, you can always call us for a weekly, daily, and monthly cleaning. For a free estimate and quote, call us on (514) 654 4988.