Here at Ménage Total cleaning services in Outremont we believe that healthcare cleaning is an important part of the medical facility. We continuous work with the customer to offer them unbelievable cleaning in Outremont. We are here to improve the cleaning of the medical facility and our cleaners help to clean in an excellent manner by giving you.

  • We eliminate the germs, bacteria and virus from the place.
  • To sanitize and disinfect the medical facility for the people to be healthy.
  • Cleaning the space using the best equipment for the place to be germ free.

An unclean and unsanitary healthcare facility can cause a healthy person to be unhealthy. For this hiring Ménage Total to perform a thorough cleanup for the facility is necessary. Let us improve sanitize, disinfect the health facility in Outremont. We do believe the fresh clean space can produce good result in improving the reputation of the healthcare facility.

On the other hand, Ménage Total is providing residential and commercial cleaning services with a special discount in Outremont. All the cleaning services come with a certification from the cleaning authorities. No matter what is the cleaning requirement we are there to serve and provide excellent cleaning? It is highly suggested for a nice and good impression to have the place clean. Deep cleaning of the carpet is one way in the high traffic areas. The deep floor cleaning can also help in reducing the risk of dirt and bacteria. You can keep the office, house, and healthcare floor facility in shape by hiring us. For an outstanding floor cleaning service and impression to the customers we offer

  • Power wash
  • Stripping and Sealing
  • Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning and Extraction

Reason for Ménage Total Floor Cleaning

  • Ensuring a healthy environment
  • Removal of the dust, dirt and the allergens
  • Sanitation and disinfection of the floor
  • Removal of Stains
  • Water Extraction technique from the carpet and floors
  • Leaving the floor fresh and like new


Why choosing us

We want to present you with a magic of cleaning for your business and facility where lot of people come in and go out. Moreover, guarantee that our professional cleaning in Outremont we create a fresh appearance of the facility when we finish the cleaning job. In our commercial and residential cleaning service in Outremont, we make the facilities and businesses clean and in great shape. Why are you waiting to pick up the telephone and dial (514) n654 4988 to book our house cleaning, restaurant cleaning, apartment cleaning today?