We are proudly offering maid cleaning service in Petite Patrie with the professional cleaning team. Ménage Total provides an extensive range of cleaning service in many cities like Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. Our high standard maid cleaning service is available for the house, apartment and office. In the long run, we do offer floor cleaning service, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning and deep living room cleaning to keep the space at best. With our maid cleaning service, we cover up a significant area in Petite Patrie. All the cleaners are professional and use the latest methods of cleaning to provide an immaculately clean space.

A Leading Cleaning Company in Petite Patrie 

Not to mention, we admire our customers and take their suggestions to improve the quality of cleaning standards. A team of professionals to perform the cleaning job up to 100% satisfaction. As the best cleaning company, our dedication is always to serve the client with the best cleaning service. Not only but also, our commitment is 100% satisfaction, and with the training and experience, the cleaners help to achieve. Not to mention our exclusive sincere, deep cleaning service for homes and apartments is now available in Petite Patrie.

Offering several types of cleaning service, such as:

  • Restaurant Cleaning Service
  • Apartment Cleaning Service
  • Condo Cleaning Service
  • Gym and Fitness Cleaning Service
  • Office and Building Cleaning Service
  • Industrial Cleaning Service

Petite Patrie Housekeeping

In addition, let Ménage Total take care of your housekeeping job. Feel the difference of an excellent maid cleaning service. You can trust us and our name in the cleaning industry is for the satisfaction of the customers. In the first place, all the services handled by us are by a professional team, and the cleaning program is in detail, through and extensively customized. We feel happy to serve the residents of Petite Patrie.

Our maid cleaning service is available weekly, daily and monthly. Upon each service, the maid cleaners dust, vacuum and disinfect every room. The latest equipment and best cleaning products are in use to clean from top to bottom.


Customized Cleaning Program

Our customizable cleaning programs in Petite Patrie is thoughtfully and carefully in action design to suit every house and office. Life is really hectic these days and the cleaning is often neglected. But we care and offer comfortable cleaning solutions that is flexible. More the cleaning services are easy to book and easy to pay. We thrive to provide exceptional cleaning service in Rosemont. It is on you that you select a one-time cleaning or a regular cleaning service from us but feel sure that you will get a full professional cleaning of your choice.

For information about our valuable cleaning service and hiring our maids for the wonderful home and office cleaning, be sure to contact us on (514) 654 4988. Book us today and feel the difference between a reliable and trustworthy cleaning.