Serving Riviere des prairies residential and commercial cleaning needs since 2010. Ménage Total a company that works very hard to keep customer satisfaction at 100%. We are offering various kind of cleaning service for the residential and commercial cleaning sector, such as wall cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Hire our cleaning service today and see the benefits of a clean and well-maintained space. The service comes in with unique flexible features and professional cleaning staff.

We are attending the cleaning needs of the residents by utilizing high and safe cleaning products. On the contrary, the service is by professional and skilful trainers. Our company is insured and bonded for the safety of the customers. The services come in at low rates to suit every customer in Riviere des prairies.

The Best house cleaning, office cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, healthcare facility cleaning is available with ease by the click of a button. A certified professional cleaning services company. It is founded in Montreal to satisfy the cleaning requirement of the customers. All of the services are managed and supervised by the managers and come in on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly assignments.

Let us do the Cleaning

Every room in residence and office has its importance when it comes to Cleaning. No matter what is the requirement of the Cleaning, our professional cleaning team is there to serve every area and space of the place. You can be sure we are licensed and deliver the best Cleaning.

  • We make cleaning possible and have covered.
  • Cover a large number of customers in Riviere des prairies.
  • With an experience of serving the community for 10 years
  • Trained team of professional cleaners
  • Offering your custom professional cleaning plans 
  • Highest Level of Cleaning Standards
  • An environmentally friendly cleaning solution

We provide cleaning service throughout the year and most of the customer come back to us. We clean and make the home and offices look beautiful and wonderful. Using the latest cleaning solution and delivering a professional cleaning. No space for us small or big. We make cleaning possible in the residential and commercial sector. We offer a variety of cleaning service including:

  • Maid Commercial and Residential Cleaning
  • Restaurant Deep Cleaning 
  • Gym Special Cleaning
  • Thorough House Cleaning
  • Commercial and Residential Seasonal Cleaning


Special House Cleaning

For our valuable customers, we offer a particular house cleaning service in Riviere des prairies at budget pricing and the most convenient option. The facilities available for a unique house cleaning at the location include:

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Window cleaning and washing
  • Interior and Outdoor Cleaning
  • Wall washing and Cleaning
  • Special Event Cleaning

If you like to avail any of the best residential and commercial cleaning services from Menage Total contact us via telephone on (514) 654 4988. Or if you want to sit back and relax, you have the option to book our services online.