Menage Total has finally arrived in ST-Janvier. It is providing a professional apartment and another cleaning service. All type of cleaning from office cleaning, school cleaning, restaurant cleaning and house cleaning is available with us. Menage Total has a cleaning staff that is expert and professional in the cleaning job.

Not to mention, we offer valuable cleaning services to the clients in ST-Janvier. Some of the very few services we offer are:

Apartment Cleaning Service

In the first place, the apartment cleaning service in ST-Janvier is affordable and keeps us at the top level of cleaning and sets us apart. The customers continuously call us and keep coming back to us to have the apartment clean. The cleaning system from us consists of a deep apartment cleaning system and is beneficial and helpful to the community.

Office Cleaning Service

In the long run, the cleaning company aims at the office and provide a select full of cleaning services that are beneficial for the business. The cleaners start with a detail clean of the office and clean and re-arrange the desk, computers and the machines. Moreover, cleaning the reception area to look beautiful and disinfection of the bathrooms proves to be a practical choice. We maintain the highest cleaning standards throughout the year.

One-Time Cleaning Service

Also, Menage Total knows that each customer requires a specific cleaning for their space. We are proud of our company, presenting you with a customizable cleaning option. Furthermore, you can call us for a special event cleaning or before the family gathering or a move-in or a move-out. With the use of advanced technological equipment and green cleaning, our well-trained professionals will deep clean your house, apartment and office to look amazing.

Move-in and Move out Cleaning

Moving is always a tough job for the people. It can be stressful and take out all the energy. To have all the things in paces like packing, transportation, and delivery you can trust us. You can make sure that the house you leave will be clean with our house deep, clean service and make you ready for a smooth move in and move out.


Menage Total in ST-Janvier

Besides, our quality professional cleaning service is available on less price with expert cleaners. All the cleaners go through training and check to ensure the importance and safety of the customers.

If you want to have a basement clean up or need the apartment to sparkle and shine, Menage Total is there in ST-Janvier to service the customers with cleaning service with experts. The cleaning company is there to deliver the cleaning. For more information, you can contact us on (514) 654 4988.