Ste-Therese cleaning service

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Improving the home, building, and the office is enormous and needs a lot of resources. The post-construction project is nor complete without a professional cleaning company.

Here in ST-Therese Ménage Total comes to give you a thorough cleaning. We provide a rough cleaning to a final cleaning for your house and building. Then you can welcome the guests and people to a presentable space.

Deep Post-construction Cleaning

A deep cleaning from Ménage Total in ST-Therese is compulsory for the health of the people who live. It is left unattended; the dust from the construction can lead to respiratory problems. In the region, the homeowners and the contractors rely on us for the cleaning service to remove the dirt and debris. After the cleaning is complete, you can move in and reside.

Our post-construction cleaning service for the house, office and the building make sure the improvement in the look to serve the best. During the professional cleaning setup, our cleaners remove the dirt and dust left behind — the cleaning service from us on the daily, weekly schedule.

House Cleaning

The cleaning team is a specialist in every cleaning department. We do provide our one-time house cleaning with special rates and discounts. The customers come back to us for the house cleaning due to the professional deep cleaning of the house. Our service rates are un-matching along with a quality of standard in the cleanup. In the house cleaning, we cover every area of the house, apartment, and condo. Such a Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Kids room, and the living room.

Not to mention, our cleaning professionals are trained and committed to customer satisfaction and excellence. We make the home tidy and neat by giving proper attention and detail. Our team can tackle any challenge of cleaning and make it noteworthy in ST-Therese.

Office Cleaning Service

A clean office makes the working of the employee smarter and to stay healthier. More customers like to visit the clean office resulting in more business, more demand, and more profit and benefits. The most common areas cleaning we offer in our service are cleaning the desk, chair computers. All the city has proper sanitation.

Moreover cleaning of the break room includes refreshing of the countertops, dishes, sink cleaning and the floor mopped very well. The bathroom is a significant concern in the office always. b

ut with our cleaning technique and method, we disinfect the bathroom with the help of the eco-friendly cleaning product.

For more information, get in touch with us and book our services for achieving the best cleaning results.

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