Verdun is an island in Montreal having residential and commercial buildings. Cleaning requirement is present there, and if you acquire a cleaning company, they can serve you and bring in benefits and cleanliness. Ménage Total in Verdun manages the cleaning schedule of the customer efficiently. A cleaning company with a mission of becoming the best and a leader in the cleaning industry.

What does Ménage Total provide in House Cleaning?

Generally speaking the cleaners in our industry need to be trained, have a thorough background check and work on time in providing excellent cleaning service to the customer. In the house cleaning our maid, housekeeper and the supervisor is responsible for the cleaning making sure the house cleaning project is complete. Offering an adorable house cleaning with a custom-designed cleaning with the instruction of the client. We provide you:

  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Floor mopping
  • Bed organizing
  • Window cleaning
  • Emptying the trash
  • Bathroom clean up
  • Kitchen deep clean

Quality House cleaning

House cleaning is the hardest part when it comes to cleaning. It requires proper attention and detail to every room. Our necessary process of cleaning method is to use the cleaning technique that your house sparkles with each cleaning. Ménage Total in Verdun uses the proven methods of cleanup, and we provide accurate and update cleaning promptly. The housekeepers in our company perform every task for the satisfaction of the client. In a clean house, you can breathe easily to live with comfort and manage time effectively.

Best House Cleaning

In Verdun, Ménage Total is the best house cleaning service. Our cleaning agents are meticulously selected and trained well to ensure the best cleaning service to you. We have been serving Verdun for a long time and understand the cleaning requirement. In discussion with the people in the community, we have a custom-tailored cleaning program at a competitive price threshold.

A Name in cleaning you can trust

Continuously working to achieve customer satisfaction and achieve high cleaning results have enabled us to excel in Verdun. We take the utmost pride in ourselves to provide the best quality maid services to the clients. We are a different cleaning company having our employees to give you exceptional deep cleaning. Our maids and housekeepers set high standards and provide excellent cleaning with minimal effort. In case you don’t feel satisfied with our cleaning services, we return to ensure the housekeeping is done and finished perfectly.

For a one-time cleaning, monthly deep cleaning or weekly special cleaning. You can contact us through the website, e-mail and telephone. We shall be there at your door to serve you with expertise.


Our Cleaning Services

An excellent cleaning service is providing you with the best house cleaning services, apartment cleaning services. Office cleaning services, newly constructed building cleaning services. Great cleaning services, shopping malls are cleaning services, daycare cleaning services, school cleaning services. Moreover, deep house cleaning services, winter cleaning services, spring cleaning services, and green cleaning services.

Not to mention, also providing you with the best carpet cleaning services and floor cleaning services in Verdun. Not to mention, a professional cleaning staff which gives you the complete floor cleaning services. They remove all the dust, dirt and germs from your floor and assure you a neat, clean and bacteria protected story.

In the long run, we provide here these cleaning services at low prices. Our cleaning services are available at low and reasonable prices. We are committed to you at low costs.