An established cleaning company Ménage Total is providing cleaning service in Ville Mont-Royal. Our speciality of offering you residential and commercial cleaning service will dazzle you. The company works with reasonability and endures to give you a perfect house and office cleaning service. The house cleaning is by the expertise of the professional cleaning staff. Apart from providing residential and commercial cleaning service, Ménage Total has the experience of delivering school cleaning service, restaurant cleaning service and fitness area cleaning service in Ville Mont-Royal.


With a focus on the cleaning, we introduced the green cleaning technique to safeguard the environment. Our cleaning service is made available to residential and corporate sectors such as the banking and financial institutions and the industrial sector. Our service does come up with a plan that is suitable to the customers on a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule.

Most of all, the cleaning service is provided by a team of well-educated cleaning professionals to take care of every cleaning requirement. With 100 percent satisfaction and guarantee, we aim to provide the customers in Ville Mont-Royall with an expert cleaning service. The service from our cleaning is extraordinary and on offer with a complete cleaning, package includes a deep cleaning of the house tile and grout cleaning of the office.

As other cleaning companies offer you contractual cleaning. Our cleaning company provides cleaning services on a non-contractual basis. It means when you hire us for a cleaning job, you only pay for the services you avail from us. The services are cost-effective and can save you money. The main reason to hire for cleaning is:

  • Professional cleaning from experts
  • Experience and knowledge of cleaning
  • Safety oriented cleaning
  • A locally based cleaning company
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Follow up the cleaning process
  • Handling of Long and Short Cleaning Job
  • Customer satisfaction main priority
  • Covering all parts of Ville Mont-Royal


Most of us have a family, and we need to make the house clean. But the time is short, and we can’t cover every cleaning in short. But you can count on Ménage Total for a deep clean of the house and make the house and apartment look wonderful and breathe easy in a new space. We offer a lot of cleaning services for the home, apartment and the condos such as:

  • Special one-time Bedroom Cleaning
  • Weekly Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bi-weekly Bathroom Cleaning 
  • Monthly Living room cleaning

As we take care of all the house cleaning, you can have time for your special events and the family. For booking our cleaning service in Ville- Mont-Royal contact us by telephone email and through our website. We shall be there to serve you adequately