Moving in House Cleaning

Move in House Cleaning

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Your house is looking neat and clean. But there are still some places in the house that requires a cleaning effort and attention in detail. There is no better time for house cleaning before move in. To kook in every corner, it is very important in the move in house cleaning. There is always some unattended cleaning to be done in the place. You can move around and look for it.

Light and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are not in the cleaning checklist for a daily cleaning schedule. This is the right time to start the move in house cleaning. The fan blade is prone to having residue on the top as its long since the last time cleaning is done. Remember and be sure to clean the opening with the vacuum.

For the light fixtures a similar sort of dirt and dust you will find. You can easily remove most part of the light fixtures. Remove it and clean them with water in the kitchen sink. Be sure to dry them properly and re-install and continue and move on with your move in house cleaning.

Light Switch

The switches of light are frequently touched and in the end, they look dull and dusty. Germs can build up in between them and transferred to one another. Clean the switches ad properly disinfect them with a disinfectant. Regular cleaning can make sure to decrease the spread of bacteria and germs after you move into your new house or apartment.

Door Knobs and handles

Have you ever thought how many times a doorknob is touched and the handles of the cabinet opened during the day? A lot of dirt and grime gathers around it. Clean all these doorknobs, cabinet handles and give it nice disinfection. It is a valuable time to tighten up some loose knobs and handles.


Finish the floors by sweeping and mopping. Make sure this time to use an environment-friendly and safe cleaning product that is safe for the floors, Sweeping up all the debris and vacuum it will remove the harmful allergens and improve the air quality of the house. Move in house cleaning is a tough job but it can make your house look nice and perfect for a fresh start.

Kitchen (Move in House Cleaning)

The first time you look at the kitchen after move-in it might not look amazing and a great place for cooking meals. sanitize the kitchen properly with equal parts of water and vinegar solution. Try to clean the inside of the fridge and remove the shelves and the drawers. Clean it in the sink and let them dry and put them back into the fridge.

ow start cleaning the countertops and the surface and sweep and mop the floor with the sanitizing solution. Nicely done go ahead and clean the baseboard while you clean the kitchen flooring.


Menage professional cleaners recommend that bathroom cleaning and disinfecting is very important when it comes to move in house cleaning. Clean the toilet seats for the germs and bacteria and sanitize the toilet paper holder, faucet, mirror, and finish up by mopping the floors.

You can easily follow this move in house cleaning checklist for a peace f mind and make your new place clean and tidy. To keep the house nice and fresh if you need some help dial in (514) 654 4988 and our cleaners shall be there to serve you and give your house a nice clean.

Move in House Cleaning
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here is no better time for house cleaning before move in. To kook in every corner, it is very important in the move in house cleaning.

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