Ménage Total: Montreal Cleaning Services

Household Cleaning Total Services is always committed to meeting all of its customers' requirements. When you face the problem of having ducts with perfect cleanliness, our cleaners will make you the best possible services that you can have in your area.

Are you looking for a reliable and an affordable company in Great Montreal Area that provides you with the best commercial and residential cleaning ?

Menage Total can help, as we have been offering the most efficient maids services, residential and commercial cleaning services in The Island of Montreal, Longueuil and Laval. Our maids cleaners service facilities in numerous sectors, such as residential, commercial, industrial, educational, medical, construction...​
Our house and office cleaning service is thorough and prompt, and every one of our Montreal maids cleaners are friendly, experienced and helpful, and you'll be confident with trusting them in your home, in any case, every single one among our cleaners are thoroughly checked and vetted by the police to make sure that they will be trusted to figure with our most precious asset, our customers.

Menage Total is the leader of office and house cleaning services.

Montreal Cleaning Services


Fully trained Professional Staff

  • Interviewed and selected in Persons.
  • Extensively trained by Menage Total.
  • Carrying public Liability.
  • Efficient, neat, and polite.
  • Handling your Premises with extra care.


Experts who know exactly right for your Requirements

  • We Always Prefer a Person who Spececily Fit for your Cleaning Needs
  • Skilled in applying the best cleaning method and detergents.

Cleaning Equipments

Cleaners with professional grade equipment

  • Dip Tank Cleaning technology with special solutions.
  • Hot Water Extraction & Dry Carpet Cleaning machines.
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers & Polishers.
  • High-Reach Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning System.

About Menage Total

A Professional Cleaning Service Provider in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and Surrounding Areas.


Menage Total is always promised for the best performance in cleaning services, we offer you the installation of cleaning for the residential and commercial sectors. So simply put, we mean that our maids service will not disappoint you. Rapid cleaning service is our specialty. But you do not have to you as it is our responsibility


For the safety of your family members, you naturally expect a healthier cleaning. Our effective cleaning process is remarkable for removing bacteria and microbes to a great extent. So we use this type of products that will not affect the health of your beloved family members family.


For the safety of your family members, you naturally expect a healthier cleaning. Our effective cleaning process is remarkable for removing bacteria and microbes to a great extent. So we use this type of products that will not affect the health of your beloved family members family.

Menage Total Cleaning Services

We offer our customers a complete set of building cleaning services. So our main goal is to satisfy our customers with our cleaning services. For this, we have followed different technical work for different types of buildings. So we clean the kitchen, bathroom, window, floor, stairs, railings, wall and all parts of your home.

Questions About Menage Total Company

Cleaning is essential as it plays a vital role in the relaxation of the house and comfort at the office. But many people in Montreal are so busy that they cannot perform the cleaning task. So at Ménage Total, we understand that cleanliness is pretty essential, and that is the leading cause we offer professional cleaning services in Montreal.

No Contracts

We understand that everyone has their requirements for cleaning requests in the cleaning. So with Ménage Total professional cleaning service in Montreal, you don’t have to worry about the contract obligations in signing a contract. So reach our professional cleaning team, and they will help.

We can take care of your entire home and office with personal cleaning preferences. Making sure that we provide you with the highest standard of the cleaning services from regular cleaning to a monthly cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Service Health Benefits

As a leading cleaning company in Montreal, we work hard to reduce the bacteria and the germs. Our housekeeping staff uses the best environmentally safe cleaning product to remove the eggs and the viruses. Ménage Total helps to reduce allergies, common cold symptoms by cleaning several homes and offices in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Right Cleaning Products

Ménage Total knows the importance of cleaning in the home and office. The team takes proper care to ensure using the right product. With more than ten years of experience, our cleaning quality speaks for itself. The cleaning products used in the cleaning process are attested and recommended by the cleaning authorities. We offer an environment and health safe cleaning product to make the earth safe. Our customers can always rely on and believe in us to make their space clean and sparkling shine.

 Buy a Gift Certificate

To celebrate our professional cleaning service being the No 1 service in Montreal. We are offering gift certificates for your friends also family at a discount price. You can purchase the gift certificate at $50 that can be of use in the regular cleaning or a one-time deep professional cleaning. Moreover, the documents can be shipped to you or directly to your family and friends with a pleasant and straightforward message from you.

Ménage Total has the most excellent maid service and cleaners in Montreal on offer to provide residential and office cleaning services. We take pride in our work and have exceptional cleaning lady services and setting up the highest cleaning standards and quality.

Our maid cleaning service in Montreal include:

  • House cleaning services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Extra cleaning- such as the refrigerator, oven and many more.

With experience in house, apartment and office cleaning, we take care of all your cleaning requirements. Ménage Total makes every possible way for the cleaning solution as per each cleaning requirement.

Cleaning is the specialty of Ménage Total maid services. We prove it by efficiently cleaning the space without compromising on the quality. So we have the best maids in Montreal with a 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee in the cleaning service.

Why Choose Ménage Total maid services?

Customers are Priority: We make every possible effort to streamline and provide the best cleaning service as per the specific requirement. So by engaging our staff with you, we enable you to discuss your need for cleaning and present you with the best cleaning solution.

Best Affordable Prices: Our maid cleaning service prices are affordable and most competitive in Montreal. We explain every detail at the start of the cleaning process. So for more on pricing, fill in the contact form and order a free estimate and quote.

Attention and Detail: Our maid cleaning staff pays proper attention to every detail during the cleaning process. We offer condo, office, house and apartment cleaning on request.

Green Cleaning: Menage Total maid services in Montreal aim and motto is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the residents. We only use green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and don’t contain any chemical that is harmful to health. All the products are tested and recommended for usage. We offer the highest quality of cleaning to the home and offices.

Easy Booking:  It is effortless to book Ménage Total maid cleaning services. You can use the online booking form, or you can call us. We are available 24/7 a week except for Saturday and Sunday. For an individual booking on Saturday and Sunday, you can contact us for more information.

Quality: Ménage Total provides the highest quality and standard of cleaning service. So our cleaners are friendly and tackle every cleaning problem swiftly.

Service Areas

Ménage Total maid service is always there to help and address any cleaning service and reservations. Our service is available in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil South shore and North shore areas. For more on our services, please visit our website at www.menagetotal.ca

You feel tired after a long working day at the office, but there is a lot of cleaning to be done at the house. To dust, wash, vacuum and a non-ending list of chores. The house cleaning checklist grows on, and you feel that frustration of relaxation and peace is no more in the house. A reliable and trustworthy house cleaning service in Montreal can make it work for you.

A Cleaning Company You can trust

When you hire Ménage Total as a house cleaning service in Montreal. You feel relaxed, and you feel ease and relaxation. You spend more time with your family and friends. The cleaning company takes care of all your frustrating cleaning chores and tackles it.

Nevertheless, there is no reason to feel guilty about missing house cleaning chores. We have been in the cleaning industry since 2010, and we know how important time is for the customers. Call us today, and we take care of all the house cleaning and make it in an excellent and beautiful condition.

Why our House Cleaning Service?

When you hire us for the house cleaning service you can enjoy a lot of benefits:

Saving Time

Get full two days to relax by the end of the week when you hire Ménage Total cleaning service?

Saving Energy

It saves your energy to let you enjoy yourself with the family and friends you love the most.

Consistent Cleaning

Your house gets a regular house cleaning service with the highest quality and standards with the help of professional cleaners.

Germ Control

Our house cleaning in Montreal helps in eliminating the bacteria, virus and mold growth to keep the house germ free.

 Highest Quality and Standard

Hiring Ménage Total professional house cleaner means you get the highest standard of house cleaning with great superior results,

Featured Cleaning Service

Our featured cleaning service in the house cleaning service includes:

  • Living room cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bedroom cleaning

Satisfaction and Guarantee

We at Ménage Total are sure and confident that you will be happy with our delicate house cleaning service. If you are unhappy with any reason, you can always contact us via telephone, e-mail and chat. We can arrange for you a return visit to the cleaners and correct the areas. We love providing the best cleaning service with the highest quality and standards. The satisfaction of the customers in Montreal is our No 1 motto, and we believe in making the house clean and safe.

We Ménage Total in Montreal is a home cleaning service providing you green and natural cleaning service. Using an organic solution that does not contain the chemical that can be harmful both to the environment and health of the humans.

Ménage Total is a versatile cleaning company providing you the best deep cleaning option for the home to be clean. We do provide regular house cleaning, heavy-duty cleaning, washing of windows and seasonal cleaning.

Ménage Total as a Cleaning Solution

To keep the home clean and spotless, hire our company that has professional staff with experience. Well trained and equipped up with the right knowledge of cleaning. The cleaners go through proper training schedules and background checks. Ménage Total is providing the staff with top-quality training to keep the high demand and meet client expectations.

Green cleaning from Ménage Total is a service for eco-friendly and healthier residents in Montreal. We aim to go green with the help of our cleaning services for the best possible cleaning solution.

Call us now on (514) 654 4988 or use the contact form on the website for further information about our services.

Reason to Choose Ménage Total Green Cleaning Service

Several important factors and reasons are there when hiring Ménage Total Green cleaning service in Montreal. It is always better to get the help of an expert. People are always busy and make decisions pretty quick. But not choosing the best cleaning service can lead to a problem. For our company, we take pride in our work and present the community with a lot of benefits in the cleaning option.

Effective Cleaning Service

Simple home chores can be easy but when you need a thoroughly clean home it can take extra time. By hiring our cleaning service, you feel relax and we send you the expert professional to finish the cleaning service effectively. All our cleaning professionals are trained and ensure to work and provide the highest quality of green cleaning service in no time.

Green Cleaning Supplies

We support green cleaning, that is why use green cleaning supplies in the cleaning service. This helps in eliminating the harsh chemicals found in the normal house cleaning solution. By using the safe products we are protecting the environment and keeping people healthier and the air safer to breathe.

We help our customers to a healthy living style and choose and select green products and green services.

Cleaning Services Offered

In Montreal, Menage Total offers some of the best value-added cleaning service to choose from:

  • Standard Cleaning Service
  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Recurring Cleaning Service

All the cleaning service above are offered in a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning plans with an attractive and affordable pricing.

Call the Experts


To be sure that the office building is clean and tidy. It makes the appealing impression call the experts for cleaning at Ménage Total. We provide commercial cleaning service with the highest quality and standard since 2010.


The latest cleaning equipment and products, our professional commercial cleaning service can help maintain a safe and healthy environment in the office. We care for the health and safety of our customers, and our cleaning staff work proves it. Our commitment is to deliver the best commercial cleaning service every day.


Setting Higher Standards


We at Ménage Total in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil continuously work hard on establishing a higher standard for cleaning. Customized cleaning programs give you the flexibility to choose daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning services. We work efficiently and follow up with the customer to complete customer satisfaction.


The cleaning is essential in the business. For this, we offer daily cleaning option for the valuable customers in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. This schedule allows for a quick resolution and excellent communication.


Project-Based Commercial Cleaning


Sometimes in the commercial sector, a need for a one-time cleaning service arises. No matter whether it is a punctual janitorial cleaning service such as the carpet cleaning, tile floor cleaning. The cleaning staff at Ménage Total is happy to assist and clean the office with care and due diligence to make the cleaning right


Flexibility and Superior Service


With our best project-based commercial cleaning service, the benefit of the experience. The flexible option for you is to select the service you desire and the timing. We are always there to help with the superior cleaning service to help you make the business facility look nice and clean.


Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service


When it comes to the office and business, the cleaning service you hire reflects on the market. If you are not happy with your janitorial cleaning service company, you can opt and choose Ménage Total janitorial cleaning to do the things right. At Ménage Total with experience, professional cleaners and to deliver the immaculate cleaning result, we work for customer satisfaction. We have dedicated ourselves to set the highest standard of cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Ménage Total is a local cleaning company in Montreal. We have the best cleaning staff to deliver the residents of Montreal, the best house cleaning service. The maids at Ménage Total provide different cleaning services for the home, apartment and condo. Need weekly cleaning? We are there to serve. Need seasonal cleaning? We can help. Our maids and cleaners are ready to serve and deliver the best services no matter what type of service.

What makes Ménage Total the best residential cleaning service in Montreal?

Saving Time for Your Loved Ones

At Ménage Total we save you time. You hire a house cleaning service in Montreal to free up and save time for your loved ones. The very last thing you don’t want is to spend time for the estimate and quotes. That is why we offer an online booking form for pricing and availability.

A Reputable Company

A reputable and reliable cleaning company. That takes pride in the cleaning job in Montreal. We know it is hard to find a trustworthy cleaning service. That is why we work with our staff to follow and appear on time. With all the necessary supplies in a professional way.

Affordable Cleaning For All

We aim and believe in bringing residential cleaning service in Montreal to the busy homes with affordable cleaning plans. As a reliable cleaning company, we offer excellent and the best prices to the customers that suit everyone's needs.

No 1 priority is Customers

Our team's mission is to satisfy and provide an immaculate cleaning service in any way possible. The support staff is available 24/7 for any help. We are just a call away.

 Cleaning Services in Montreal

  • Weekly Services
  • Bi-weekly services
  • Monthly services
  • One-Time services

What is in the Service?

Our Ménage Total cleaners will put in every effort to clean the home and look spotless. Here is something that is with every service:

  • Professional Cleaners
  • All Supplies and Equipment
  • Friendly Customer Service through Email, Phone, and Chat

Why Hire Residential Cleaning Services from Ménage Total?

Montreal is a city to have fun things to do. However, due to the too busy work schedule, the people don’t have time to explore the city. Cleaning the home is one of the priorities and tasks. It is a task that is non-ending and requires attention.

The one way to free up the time and schedule is to hire and book cleaning services with Ménage Total. The company makes booking easy, and all the cleaners are highly trained and skillful, and a proper background check carried out. You have to get the time and give us a try to clean home for you in Montreal.

Ménage Total is committed to delivering the best cleaning staff to your home in Montreal.

Our Cleaning Services Montreal, Laval, Longueuil


When you are sitting inside your home cleaning or busy at the office cleaning desk covered by the walls and concrete, you need both sunlight and fresh air to stay well. You may not give any attention to them, but HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system or air ducts cleaning of any structure always supply your sunlight at daytime and fresh air throughout the year. Whether you need or not, air ducts provide cold air and accumulate a significant amount of dust and debris. To keep the air ducts clean, you obviously need to have air duct cleaning services for your residential or commercial cleaning structure. Ménage Total Cleaning Services Montreal will be a good choice for air duct cleaning as we have both experience and experts in this sector. We are capable of taking care of all the dust gathered on the air ducts.

Housekeeping company


Dust mites aren’t really hazardous for us. Additionally, they really do leave behind dimension partials which also make working difficult and can create allergens. Because dust mites are a frequent occurrence in households, in addition to businesses, it’s very important to continue to keep their populations and help by making use of Montreal Carpet Cleaning services to reduce allergies issues.


Ménage Total cleaning service is here at your service with its floor cleaning services with which you can strip and coat your floor with wax to make it lively and shiny. So the floor represents the beauty of the home, apartment, condo, office, commercial space or working place. To keep the floor free from any unexpected damage during cleaning you have to appoint an experienced cleaning service provider. For meeting your needs, Montreal maids Ménage Total are just by your doorsteps to help you. We are quite professional in the field of apartment, condo or office on a regular cleaning services or deep cleaning. So we have experience of a long time and we are enriched with expert teams.


Every single day you have to face dirt problems to your home or office or wherever you stay. So you always need to keep yourself free from them to stay fresh and well. You can’t get rid of all the dirt and dust properly just by yourself unless you hire a cleaning service for your resident and commercial center. Again, if you need further cleaning to acquire a fresh and lovely environment, then appointing an efficient cleaning service is necessary. So Ménage Total Montreal Cleaning Service is here with many types of green cleaning services which will help you to get a fresher condition. Our clients are rendered a wide range of fresh cleaning services at a moderate price to present your dirty space as a fresh and clean one before you.


Ménage Total Cleaning Services also provides such maid services in the Montreal area, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, West-Island, Ville-Marie, Verdun, Mont-Royal, Rosemont, Maisonneuve, Villeray, Saint-Michel, Ahuntsic, Cartierville, St-Laurent, Anjou, Île-Des-Sœurs, Beaconsfield, Île Perrot, Senneville, Kirkland, Sainte-Genevieve, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Baie D’urfé, Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Lachine, Lasalle, Centre-Ville, Vieux-Montréal, Côte St-Luc, Hampstead, Westmount, Outremont, Côte-Des-Neiges, Boucherville, Brossard, Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert, LeMoyne, Saint-Lambert, Beloeil, Chambly, Otterbrun Park, Saint Denis, Vimont, Auteuil, Saint-François, Duvernay, Sainte-Dorothée, Sainte-Rose, Fabreville, Chomedey, Laval-Des-Rapides, Quebec city, Ottawa and Gatineau. With the combination of working efficiency and skills, we can render one of the best maid cleanings to outrun others. In everyday life steps, you have to face a lot of problems which affect your health as well as your mind. Proper cleaning of the dirt and dust of your resident or workplace is such an issue that needs to be taken care of at a regular cleaning interval, deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, fall and spring cleaning services, moving in and out cleaning , post renovation cleaningoffice cleaning services, restaurants cleaning, Daycare and CPE cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. If you don’t keep your surroundings beautiful and clean, it is tough for anyone to stay there. Of course, you need a cleaning service company which will take away the dust and turn the space into a clean one. Many companies have appointed maids to offer services, and it has become a popular service now.


Office cleaning is a must for a better working experience. A clean office offers you a fresh mind and gives you remarkable acceleration for getting an outstanding performance. So if you have fixed your mind to take a quality cleaning service for your office, then Ménage Total is here for providing a fantastic look for your office. Our office cleaning service is specially decorated and well organized. So you can expect an outstanding result from our cleaning services as we are unique and experienced in this field.


Our high-pressure washers are the ideal solution to eliminate all kinds of stain and dirt by high-pressure cleaning. Whether caused by damage or even to remove the debris and chaos caused by constructions High-Pressure Cleaning services. Finally, do you want to appoint professional high-pressure cleaners for cleaning your housing or industrial premises as well as a vehicle? We Menage Total cleaning service is providing you high-pressure cleaning service with our professional and skilled workers to make your housing and industrial area neat and clean.


Ménage Total Apartment cleaning provides advantages for many individuals and families that homeownership doesn’t. They’re a great way to position yourself or family in the heart of a city for fast, walkable access to several amenities in the area. Also, apartments cleaning are an affordable way to strike out on your own and forge a path in life. No matter what your reasons, everyone can use help at times keeping their place neat, organized and tidy. So this is where Ménage Total can help! Ménage Total will work with you to design an apartment cleaning plan that maximizes your budget and keeps everything green clean. Ménage Total, doing laundry or any other of the hundred items on your list, Ménage Total cleaning teams make it their mission to provide a safe and healthier environment for enjoyment with family and friends.


Don’t you feel like life is too short to clean your house? If you do, then you should save your precious time by hiring us for the Residential Cleaning Services. We Menage Total deal with cleaning every small and large part of your house, home, condo or apartment  from your carpet to sofa set and from your bedroom to the kitchen room, we clean everything. The Menage Total use vacuum pumps for gathering all the garbage stuff from your house below the sofa or bed. Menage Total provides periodical maintenance and cleanliness inspection at regular intervals. So, we provide our cleaning services at just one call at your doorstep.


Everyone desire and demands a well reputed and accordance post renovation or construction cleaning services that help to sustain long-lasting environmental and regulatory standards. This especially matters when the place is completely developed or redesign no matter whether it is your residential place, commercial place or anything else.


Commercial working is kind a tough and tiring task where you have a great deal to oversee and have to react to occupant needs, enhancing organization execution, and protecting resources and so many other things as well to rundown. But imagine a scenario how would it look if the place where you work is messy and untidy? Isn’t it effect on your personality and work? Obviously yes infect it also become a hurdle to pursue your key objectives and creating trouble for you to meet your objectives and goals as well.


We know that every season has its beauty and according to this, it is also essential and important to make our place clean. No matter if the place is commercial, office or your residential the thing that is consider as a dire need is to make the place spotless and shiny like a new one and to consider all these things and aspects the one thing that is clear and plays a major role and is also necessary to do is the complete cleaning or deep cleaning services.


Well, this is the obvious thing that to change and again fix the new hard floor at your commercial or residential place is a kind an expensive thing to do. but like all things, the best alternate of this fact is that to get the renew or fully deep hard floor cleaning services and for this what all you require is the trustworthy and reliable cleaning services company that offers you the maximum level of finest cleaning credentials in an affordable way.


Shining and streak-free windows are the perfect symbol of professional windows cleaning work. Our professional team provides a complete set of windows cleaning Services. We always provide sparkling windows after the cleaning. Our window cleaning service completes in three steps. The first is rubbing and scrubbing of windows to remove the buildup of grease and dust. The glass is squeegeed clean with professional-grade equipment, removing the water and dirt from the pores of the glass. Periodic maintenance is also done by our professional team.


Everyone loves to eat and enjoy the wind and breeze of fresh air and that’s why most prefer and love to roam and spend their weekend and holiday time with their partners, friends, and families at some delicate or soothing place. Among the series of the soothing place, the fine and candlelight dinner or even brunch or lunch at some restaurant cleaning is one of the top lists and most want to do the thing that people prefer to opt.


There is no doubt to say this that the Housekeeping job is an expert and tough thing to do. To make things proper, clean, well maintained and perfect is easy to say but hard to maintain. So this is kind of a tough thing for those who have their professional and busy life but there is no need to be a worry.


If you are looking for any reliable and trustworthy housekeeper or want to take perfect housekeeping benefits if yes then you are in the right place. Because we are offering all our clients the productive and affordable house maid cleaning services and helps you to make your home place the ideal place. We as a domestic level cleaning Services Company with the help of our proficient maid and janitorial staff try to give you the perfect cleaning services and vitality.


Enjoy your life and leave the cleaning on us. Menage Total is the best house cleaning organization and provides the best maid service. Our experts will keep your home shimmering in a matter of seconds. Our staff focuses on all subtle elements while cleaning, they will complete a careful and phenomenal occupation constantly. We clean inside corners and review the space before clearing out. The Menage Total Montreal gives the best and most reliable maid service for houses and offices. Correspondingly Cleaning picking our organization will give you the significant serenity that your office and business space will be cleaned on time. So in short with proficient cleaners and at reasonable estimating.


We offer the other major and minor cleaning services so if you are looking for warehouse and other offices, commercial and residential cleaning services then without any asking contact us. We know how important and necessary it is to clean and tackle the inventory and stock side systems. These things without any asking require the extra cleaning credentials and demands. And to consider all these things we as a Menage Total offer to all our customers the warehouse cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil as well.


A neat, clean and tidy office gives an impression of professionalism. Menage Total is a leading office cleaning company in Montreal. We provide you with detailed office cleaning services. We have a professional cleaning staff which is trained enough to clean your office according to your requirements. A cleaned and tidy office will induce the employees to perform well. so on the other hand, no one can work with a concentration in a dirty and messy work environment. We clean all your office and provide you with a neat and clean workplace. Menage Total is the leading company that provides you with a detailed office cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


A house is a basic need for everyone in this world. Everyone wants to live its life in a peaceful, neat and clean house. Menage total is the best house cleaning company in Montreal. We offer you all types of cleaning services which are needed in a house. We pay special attention to house cleaning. Menage Total have trained our cleaning staff in such a way that they clean each and every corner of your house. In Montreal, Menage total is the best house cleaning company. Menage total handles all of your house cleaning needs. We quickly clean your house according to your requirements.


Menage Total is one of the best carpet cleaning companies. We take care of your house and office carpet. Carpet cleaning services are required frequently by household customers and in offices as well. The carpets get dirty and spotty because a number of footsteps come on it. A dirty carpet may become a cause of germination. So Menage total provides you with a detailed and satisfactory carpet cleaning services in Montreal. We have a professional cleaning staff that cleans your carpet by using green cleaning techniques. Menage total has instructed its cleaning staff to use health-friendly and organic cleaning products to wash a carpet.


A number of people ask for Housemaid Cleaning Services in Montreal. They have not enough time to perform the cleaning works. They need housemaid cleaning services to keep their houses neat, clean and dust-free. Menage Total is serving the best housemaid cleaning services in Montreal. We have a large number of household customers in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Menage total takes care of their houses and keeps them clean. Our well-trained cleaning staff works with a level of professionalism to fulfill your needs. Menage Total is working over the last number of years and we have a huge customer’s equity who have experienced our cleaning services.


Menage Total is providing its customers commercial and janitorial cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have residential customers and commercial customers as well. Menage Total takes care of the needs of both types of customers. We serve our customers with different kinds of cleaning services. We provide you with window cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and wall washing services on a commercial basis. Menage total offers you all of these cleaning services according to your needs and requirements. Menage Total provides our customers with all the commercial janitorial cleaning services on a daily basis, weekly basis, biweekly and monthly basis. You can hire our commercial janitorial cleaning services according to your needs.


Menage Total provides Boxing Club Cleaning Services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. The ring where athletes play boxing get spotty with the sweat and sometimes with blood. We remove all of the spots and stains from the boxing ring. Menage total has a professional cleaning staff that performs Boxing Club Cleaning Services according to your requirements. Our cleaning staff cleans your Boxing Club floor and training hall. Our cleaning staff removes all the spots, stains and germs from the floor. Menage Total is providing Boxing Club Cleaning Services over the last many years according to your needs and requirements.


Basement cleaning services Montreal are proudly provided by Menage total. In the basement, people put their spare thing and boxes. There may be a huge mess in the basement of a house. It's not an easy job to clean a basement. Menage Total is the leading cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. We provide you with detailed basement cleaning services in Montreal. Menage total ha a professional cleaning staff who perform basement cleaning services according to your needs. They set aside the things lying in the basement. After then they sweep its floor. They do the vacuuming to remove all the dirt and dust. Then they wash the floor if it is needed.


Menage total has a distinct status in Gym Cleaning Services. We are providing Gym cleaning services for the last many years. People do workout and exercise in the gym they shed sweat. It becomes a cause of spots and germination. There are different kinds of machines and other equipment are used in the gym. Those machines and equipment need cleaning services. Menage Total is providing cleaning services to the gyms in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. We provide dusting services and wall washing services. We offer mirror cleaning services to the gyms. Our professional cleaning staff performs all of these cleaning services according to your needs and requirements.

Cleaning Services Tips

Find a Cleaning Lady Near Me

Find a Cleaning Lady Near Me

You are going to start cleaning your house, apartment, or office. A comprehensive list of cleaning chores needs to perform in the cleaning process. It takes much time and efforts to disinfect any place. It requires much time and efforts and many people avoid this work. They have a shortage of time and they do not want to put their energy into cleaning their houses. For this purpose, Menage Total is providing you with the best Cleaning Lady services which cover all of your cleaning needs. Our Cleaning Lady staff performs all the cleaning chores which anyone place needs. Like we offer house, cleaning services, apartment cleaning, office cleaning and many other types of cleaning services. Furthermore, we offer windows, floor, walls, and garage cleaning services through our Cleaning Lady Services.

Are You Finding a Cleaning Lady?

If you have a shortage of time, you stay busy in your professional life, or you don’t want to perform home cleaning chores. If you are looking for a cleaning lady in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. You have the best option here is Menage Total. We have Cleaning Lady services initiated for you to cover all of your cleaning related needs and requirements. Whatever you need let us know and get high-quality cleaning services.

Range of Cleaning Lady Services

Our Cleaning Ladies perform all types of housekeeping and cleaning tasks. They are equipped and trained to perform all types of cleaning tasks. Like how to disinfect bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, drawing rooms, and all other cleaning services. Our professional cleaners pay proper attention to every task which you ask them to perform.

Bathroom Disinfection

One of the most using components of every space in the bathroom. If you ignore its cleaning and disinfection you may face many issues. Like bad odour, stink, and germs spreading. Our cleaning staff is quite efficient and hardworking which deals with these issues.

Cleaning Lady cleans the bathroom thoroughly. Our cleaning technicians disinfect the bathtub, commode, sink, stainless steel fixture, ceiling, lights fixture, tiles, grout, and the corners. A long time if you ignore the proper cleaning of the bathroom there will be hard and stubborn soapy spots which will be hard to remove. Furthermore, the grime build-up will happen and it will be difficult to deal with them. Menage Total provides you with deep bathroom cleaning services.

Kitchen Cleaning

Not to mention, the sanitation condition of your kitchen matters a lot. You can not ignore the cleanliness of your kitchen in order to make sure that the food you cook is healthy and safe from allergens. Cleaning Lady is here to make your kitchen hygienic and up to the cleaning standards. Our professional cleaning staff deals with all the objects you have there.

Furthermore, our cleaning staff cleans all those areas which are hidden and not more visible. Like the area under the fridge, the backside of the oven, sills of cabinets, and the food crumbs on different surfaces.

We are offering our customers with daily cleaning services, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services. So, feel free and contact us to feel the excellence and quality of our cleaning lady services.

Cleaning And Disinfect COVID-19

Disinfect COVID 19

Human lives are the most worthy thing on this planet. Everything other than experience can come back again like wealth, assets, and other material things. Therefore, we should take good care of life not only our but the people around us. During the period of the pandemic, millions of people have lost their lives. Still, there is no vaccine or medicine for this virus. People can do nothing except to adopt precautions. Cleanliness is one of the essential safeguards against COVID-19. In Canada, there are many cases of this virus so far and still increasing day by day. In Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Menage Total is providing you Disinfect COVID-19 cleaning services. Our cleaning services help reduce the growth of this virus.

Approved Cleaning and Disinfect COVID-19 Products

Approved Cleaning and Disinfect COVID-19 Products

Cleaning products that kill germs, bacteria, dirt, and impurities from surfaces by using any soap, detergent and hot water. Cleaning does not kill germs entirely, but when you remove them, it reduces their numbers and the chances of spreading infection.

The govt of Canada has issued a list of products which help to clean all types of surfaces. Especially those who are positively touched and used frequently. Menage Total has all those cleaning products recommended by the Government of Canada. No matter what type of place you want to get clean. We disinfect coronavirus not only from residential homes but also from commercial businesses. In commercial offices, there are so many objects and things people use them frequently. Studies have shown that coronavirus can live alive on different items for hours and sometimes for a few days. Therefore, Menage Total suggest you hire our Disinfect COVID-19 cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

How you can avoid COVID-19

How you can avoid COVID-19

There are several protectives precautions against coronavirus, but here thorough the platform of Menage Total, we will tell you about the importance of cleanliness. If you keep your surrounding and living place neat, clean, and hygienic, then the risk of spreading coronavirus reduces. There are following crucial things you should do and adopt.

Clean and Disinfect Your Surroundings

Clean and Disinfect Your Surroundings

The best thing you can do is to keep your environment and surrounding neat and clean. Menage Total helps you in this regard and provide you with the best cleaning services. Our struggle against the virus is that we are offering our customers the best quality Disinfect COVID-19 cleaning services.

You should know it that cleaning and disinfecting are two very different jobs. Menage Total suggests you all do a bit of both position, even if nobody in your home is infected with this virus.

We remove any containment form all types of surfaces form your house, apartment, and office.

When you hire Disinfect COVID-19 services, we kill pathogens.

Menage Total suggests you do cleaning and disinfecting daily if anything or anyone has entered or exited your living area.

Transmission from person-to-person is a significant risk than information via different surfaces, that’s why we suggest making sure the cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces in our homes. At least a single time in a day just to be safe, supposing we have had to contact the outer world in some way, either a person going out and returning, or goods coming in.

Pay More Attention to High Touch Surfaces

Pay More Attention to High Touch Surfaces

Researchers have shown that the virus can live alive on surfaces such as cardboard for 24 hours or more, but on plastic or stainless steel objects the coronavirus can live up to two or three days. Furthermore, it can affect any person to come in contact with these objects. Therefore, Menage Total suggests cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces is a vital task to do, and we are offering you the best Disinfect COVID-19 services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We make sure that there is no place where we have not applied the disinfecting product. First, we clean all the objects in your space after then, we disinfect.

  • Doorknobs cleaning
  • Removing dust from table surfaces
  • Wipe off the dirt from hard dining chairs, seat, back, and arms.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen counters.
  • Deep clean the bathroom counters.
  • Wipe down the faucets and faucet knobs
  • Wash and clean toilets (seat and handle)
  • Carefully clean light switches.
  • Remove fingerprints from the TV remote controls, and
  • Clean game controllers

These are the cleaning tasks we perform to wipe off any dirt accumulation from different surfaces. Afterwards, we disinfect these surfaces.

Disinfection of surfaces

First, wipe off all the surfaces, removing any dust accumulation and contaminants, or debris. Our professional cleaning staff uses soapy water to wipe them off or apply a cleaning spray. We use cotton cloth or hand towel to wipe the surfaces. Then we apply a surface disinfectant. The quick and easy way to do this is with disinfecting wipes spray.

Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Floor Cleaning and Disinfection Services

As mentioned earlier, coronavirus can live on different surfaces for hours or a few days. Therefore, floor disinfection is crucial to avoid spreading this virus. Menage Total is well known for this service. We are providing floor cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil for the last ten long years. And now during these days of the pandemic, we are committed to providing our customers with the best Disinfec COVID-19 services.

Menage Total uses only those cleaning products which government of Canada has approved. We make a cleaning solution using these cleaning products and apply them on the floor surface to kill the virus.

First of all, our cleaners apply damp mopping on your floor. The cleaning solution remains the same. After completing the mopping, they wash the floor with care. We make sure that there is no dust spot or containment is on the floor.

Windows Cleaning

window cleaning

While we clean all the objects in your place, how can we ignore the windows? Our professional cleaners disinfect the windows as well. We apply the soapy water and the chemical that kills the coronavirus. Before washing the windows, we make sure that there is no dust accumulation on the frames and sills. After then, we clean them thoroughly.

These are some essential cleaning services which we are offering you in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. You can hire our cleaning services anytime you want.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Minor negligence may cause harm to the image of professionalism. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining a professional building, you need everything in perfect order. Every portion neat and clean every object in its place. Not only in commercial areas but also residential sites, people keep their homes tidy, clean, and hygienic. During these days of the pandemic, cleanliness is much essential. Everyone knows cure is better than treatment and the best weapon against this pandemic is the neat, clean, and hygienic environment. That’s why menage total provides you with all types of cleaning services. Our Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services are ideal and up to your expectations. We have a team of professional cleaners ample training and all needed equipment for cleaning a place.

Why floor cleaning and maintenance services are inevitable?

Suppose your workplace is cluttered and messy dust accumulation is everywhere on all the surfaces. Do you think it is an ideal situation for performing your business operations? Not only in business concerns but also residential places, you can bear it too long. If the floor is slippery and dusty, there are chances of an unpleasing accident. Furthermore, it ruins the image of professionalism. If a visitor sees such conditions, he might have a negative perception of the business.

Menage total provides you with the best and high-quality floor cleaning and maintenance services. We have a professional approach to floor cleaning. The cleaning products we apply are health-friendly and organic. We avoid health hazard and chemically made cleaning ingredients. What floor needs in maintenance and cleaning?

Dust Mopping and Damp Mopping

Dust Mopping and Damp Mopping

Dust mopping is one of the essential steps, keeping floors safe of the dust particles that can harm the finish and diminish the shine and glitter. Daily basis dust mopping is inevitable to grit off the floor.
Along with the dust mopping, we apply damp mopping on the floor surface as well. It removes dirt particulate and oily spots and abstains finish from darkening or yellowing from embedded soil. Daily damp mopping is much essential to keep is shinny, and it refrains the slippery stuff to accumulate on the floor surface.

Washing, Stripping, Buffing, and Waxing

Floor Cleaning

There are different kinds of floors like a hardwood floor, concrete floor, tiles floor and various other types. To wash them is not an easy task. But our professional cleaners are exceptionally trained and experienced to deal with them.

Twice or thrice floor washing is essential and keeps it free form slippery stuff. Furthermore, it preserves the shine and glitter on the floor. Floor washing is much necessary task in-floor cleaning and maintenance services. Our professionals perform the stripping and waxing for you. If you have hardwood and it got damaged our cleaners buff the injured area to make it as it was the original one.
Floor cleaning and maintenance is an ongoing and regular process once you clean your floor the dust and dirt are ready there to come again and make stubborn spots. That’s why Menage Total provides you with daily cleaning services for your floor cleaning and maintenance. Visit our office to get a free quote or make a phone call.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me

professional carpet cleaning services near me

There are some cleaning chores which are quite challenging to perform for a layperson—professional and experienced personnel required to deal with them. For instance, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, grout cleaning, and many other deep cleaning works. If you have a residence in Montreal, Laval, or Longueuil and you are looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me. You have the best option which you should choose right now. Menage Total is the best carpet cleaning company serving here for the last more than one decade.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Montreal

Experience the quality Residential Carpet Cleaning

It doesn’t make any difference how clean we think we keep our homes, apartments and office sooner, or later carpet cleaning becomes an inevitable necessity. You may have any carpeting and rug in your home, whether from one wall to another or area rugs, deep cleaning is the best idea on monthly or bi-quarterly. Your best bet is to approach a pro. Not every professional carpet cleaner is similar in working, however. Don’t be swayed by print or television advertisements that give super economical prices. Most of these “companies” are fly-by-night or offer the sub-standard and low quality of work. Therefore, we suggest you when you are finding Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me always choose the Menage Total.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Services

It does not look dirty and messy within a few days when you install carpeting in your space. It is a gradual and quite a slow process, but when it gets dirty, the dust and dirty thrust into the threads, and it harms them. This dust cut the lines like a cutting blade, and gradually it reduces its quality, colour, and durability. Before it goes too late, you should get it clean thoroughly. Whenever you suppose to clean your carpet, you should hire professional cleaners like Menage Total. Our professionals are quite experienced, and they have all the essential equipment for cleaning your carpet.

What if You have a question of Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Everyone wants to keep the look of its location neat, clean, organized, and fully hygienic. If you’re going to keep your space tidy and you need to save every corner and hidden spot clean as well. For this purpose of maintaining cleanliness, we are always here to help you out. Our professional cleaning staff is dedicated to working.

If you have a question of Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me, you should get in touch with our technical staff and get appointed right now. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days year. You can contact our services round the clock whenever you need.

We offer you daily cleaning services, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services. Our working style and schedule are quite flexible. Our professionals perform their duties without creating any hurdle in your routine work. Professional carpet cleaning services is one of our distinction here. Menage Total is one of the leading cleaning company over here. While we clean your carpet, we prefer to use organic cleaning methods.

Menage Total Cleaning Customer Satisfaction

Love this service! We've been using them for regular 2 week cleanings for the last 2 months and have been extremely happy and impressed with the service. They are very responsive to email (which is my preferred method of communication) and very professional on the phone as well. The house cleaning is always very thorough and well done! The reasonable price allows us to have them come every other week. We have been so pleased with this service. From the management to the house cleaning crew, they are a class act




As expected, the second cleaning was an equally positive experience. Did a great job cleaning the apartment, I'm certainly going to continue using this service and recommending it to anyone who needs a cleaner.
Company with great seriousness and outstanding efficiency which allows me the recommender around me. I would like to thank you for washing my windows which was outstanding



Hire Cleaner in Montreal

For high quality service, we suggest that we come to your home or workplace to inspect and assess the region that needs cleaning. This will be done at entirely No Cost.