Residential cleaning services Montreal

Residential cleaning services Montreal

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You choose to clean your residence and make it fully hygienic. You must keep it clean and make its environment hygienic. The health standards depend upon the quality of the internal environment of your space. If the residential place is a messy one and germs-affected place your health is at stake. No one wants to compromise on its health at any cost. If you are the inhabitant of Montreal, Laval, or Longueuil and you want to hire the professional company for your residence to it. You have the best option here that is Menage Total. We are providing our customers with the best quality Residential Cleaning Services for over the last ten long years.

We think that we are so fortunate that we have a countless number of trusting customers. They all are fully satisfied with our Residential Cleaning Services. We perform every cleaning chore which you can consider in residential cleaning.

Deep Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal

Deep Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal

Sometimes, mere dusting and vacuuming are not enough to make a space thoroughly clean and hygienic. You need to get your space profoundly and thoroughly cleaned. Menage Total is the best company known as the leading one in Montreal, which provides you with deep Residential Cleaning Services at your doorsteps. We have a team of professionals who perform cleaning jobs. They provide you with the entire range of cleaning services.

The Dusting of All the Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces

Why we focus on wiping off the dust from all the surfaces of your residence? It is inevitable to keep them dust-free, and soil creates hard and stubborn spots on the surfaces of objects which later becomes a headache and hard to remove them. Our professional cleaners remove the dust buildup form all the surfaces, whether they are horizontal or vertical.

Disinfecting Messy Rooms and Areas of Your Residence

When our cleaning technicians have done with dusting work, they move towards disinfection of messy, dirty and germy places in your residence like bathroom, commode, bathtub and kitchen as well. Our cleaning staff makes it sure that not even a corner left unclean. When they clean your bathroom, they clean every object there. They disinfect the commode, remove mess from there, and kill the stink and odour as well. Not only this, but they also clean the bathtub and remove the scum spots from there if there is grime buildup they remove it using white vinegar and hot water.

We do not ignore the kitchen cleaning when we move to its cleaning we start from the top and go to the floor. Our cleaning staff first wipe off the dust from the ceiling and clean the lights fixture as well. After then they clean the wooden cabinets and wipe off the dust from inside and from the front of it. Also, remove the dust spots from there. They clean the countertops, stovetops, remove burn residue from there, disinfect the dishwasher, clean the microwave, and remove the food crumbs from the walls, cutting boards, and the floor as well. Moreover, wash the rug by using white vinegar and hot water add some baking powder and disinfect it thoroughly.

In short, we make your entire residential place neat, clean, and hygienic.

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