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On the Internet, you will find a lot of room by room house cleaning service tutorials and videos. But here today we have managed to gather some of the best house cleaning service hacks.  For the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

In the long run, these room by room house cleaning services hacks are mostly tested by professional company cleaners and are solutions that work in practice to get the cleaning job done every time.

Kitchen Range Hood Filter Cleaning

To accomplish the kitchen cleaning task in a perfect manner all you need is a ½ cup of baking soda with water to clean the range hood filter. Slowly bring the water to a boil and mix up the baking soda. Now place the grease-filled range hood filter in the boiling water. While your hood filter is on the way to clean, now all you have to do is degrease the interior and exterior section with a cleaner.

Just boil in the filter in baking soda and wait for absolute 5 minutes and see yourself the grime and grease going away. Let the filter dry on and put it back in the hood.

Bathroom Cleaning the Simple Way

There are many strong cleaners in the market today. But a natural cleaner as lemon is the most effective all-purpose house cleaning service option. It is antibacterial with antiviral properties with some mild acids. All you need for the bathroom cleaning is a lemon and kosher salt. You can banish the stubborn soap and scum on the shower by using lemon and dipping it in the bowl of kosher salt which acts as an abrasive solution. Now move on to scrub the door and rest of the shower and let it stay for 5 minutes to break up the stains. Rinsing off the shower and door with water will give it a nice shiny look. There you go you have mastered the simple way of bathroom cleaning. For more of the green cleaning, stuff log on to our website www.menagetotal.ca and read the resources available.

Living Room Carpet Stain Cleaning

As you move on into your checklist of cleaning now is the time to clean the stains on the carpet and upholstery in the living room. You have got together with family and friends and a few things are spilt and get messy. Vodka is a tough choice but it is safe for the fabric house cleaning service and moreover, it disinfects and makes the toughest stain disappear. If you don’t like cleaning with Vodka simply use alcohol and you will get the same advantage. Remember to blot the stain first and then pour vodka or alcohol onto the stain and let is work. As the stain dissolves don’t worry about the smell and wait till the dampness evaporates itself. Now relax and enjoy with rest of the vodka in hand….

Bedroom Mattress Cleaning

A bedroom is a place that needs to be fresh each and every day. It is a private room for everybody to have a nice sleep and relaxation and the bedroom needs proper and regular cleaning. The mattress can be a source of allergies and health problems. For this give it a nice cleaning through vacuuming it over a period of time. Vacuum the mattress in all sides and sprinkle it with some baking soda mixed with some essential oils. The bed will look nice and smell great and all the bacteria and pollutants have disappeared.

For more interesting cleaning hacks and useful stuff search our blog and keep yourself in a nice clean and healthy environment. For more room by room house cleaning Service, you can book in by giving Ménage Total a call on (514) 654 4988.

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In the long run, these room by room house cleaning hacks are mostly tested by professional company cleaners and are solutions that work

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