Unique Glass and Mirror Cleaning Tips

Unique Glass and Mirror Cleaning Tips

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Windows and bathroom mirrors collect dirt and dust easily. You should clean them as well. It seems very general and simple when you say that you want to clean your house glasses and mirrors. Actually, you think it’s just a childish work. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and energy to remove the spots and stains stick on glasses and mirrors. They are stubborn and hard enough and require a lot of energy for cleaning them. There are possible chances of damages to the glasses. The glasses and mirrors are quite sensitive. You should take a lot of care in cleaning them. Here Menage Total guides you and tells you some Unique Glass and Mirror Cleaning Tips. These tips will help you out save you time and energy. You can clean the mirrors and glasses yourself in no time.

Unique Glass and Mirror Cleaning Tips include these tasks;

  • Gather all the cleaning supplies
  • Use towel in window mirror cleaning
  • Bathroom mirror cleaning
  • Window sills cleaning along with mirrors
  • Use green cleaning products

These are some important and Unique Glass and Mirror Cleaning Tips. You should apply them in mirrors and glass cleaning works.

Gather all the cleaning supplies

First of all, gather all the cleaning supplies which you need in the cleaning process. Get the white vinegar, baking soda, bucket, sponge, and water (you should use distilled water). Use these ingredients to make a solution. Pour some water in the bucket then mix vinegar in it. You can use baking soda a well. Then apply this solution on the mirrors and glasses.

Use towel in window mirrors cleaning

You should use a towel in the window cleaning process. Put the towel on window sills and apply the solution on the mirror with a sponge. It will keep the sills safe from dirty water. When you have done with window mirrors cleaning wash that towel.

Bathroom mirrors cleaning

Everyone has mirrors in his bathroom. It gets dirty and spotty. The spots of scum and soapy water give and ugly and awkward look. You should clean them carefully. You can use the same solution for bathroom mirrors cleaning.

Window sills cleaning along with mirrors

The portion of mirrors close to sills may remain unclean and spotty. You can’t ignore it you should clean the window sills and frames too. When you will clean the sills that portion of mirrors will automatically get cleaned. You should use a brush to remove stick dirt from the sills.

Use green cleaning products

Menage Total suggests using green and chemical free products you can clean the mirrors and glasses efficiently. So, you should avoid the use of chemical made detergents and soaps for making solution. You should use green cleaning products for the cleaning process.

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