Why is Winter Cleaning important

Winter Cleaning Tips

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As the days get shorter and the weather gets intense, our thoughts turn away from afternoons at the beach towards evenings curled up under a blanket. And while spring is the perfect time to air out your house and get it ready for the warmer summer months, winter is the perfect time to give your house a good cleaning, while making sure that everything is ready for the upcoming season. Cleaning, de-cluttering and debris removal are all things that we can do to make the winter months more enjoyable and we as a menagetotal.ca are going to share a few of my Winter Cleaning tips below.
Even if you clean your house on a regular basis, there are some things that get decayed. Winter clean-up is the best time to give those ignored areas a good cleaning. And also to get rid of any unused items and junk that may have accumulated over the year. By tackling both cleaning and de-cluttering at the same time, you can save yourself time and make the work a lot easier to do.

Winter Cleaning Tips

Smoke detectors – cleanse down any smoke detectors that may be in the room. This is also the best time to replace the batteries and test to make sure that it works. Also, take a look at all carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning.

Windows – Another amazing winter Cleaning tip is to Clean all your windows, including the frames and any woodwork.

Floors – mop any Hardwood or linoleum floors and vacuum any carpeted areas. Also, vacuum any area rugs that you have, then, if feasible, hang them outside for a bit to air out. This is also a nice time to wax your floors.

Light fixtures – Remove and wipe any light fixtures. Replace any bulbs that may have burnt out and stock up for the upcoming winter months.

Winter bedding – Take out your winter bedding, including any blankets. Wash them up beforehand so that they will be ready to use when the cold hits.

Winter appliances – If you use a humidifier, fireplace, pellet stove or generator make sure that they are all cysts clean and ready to be used

I hope these winter cleaning tips were useful for you all. For more interesting content log onto our website www.menagetotal.ca

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